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Weatherproof LED Strip Lighting Creates Colourful Identity for GTA Homes and Businesses

Weatherproof LED Strip Lighting Creates Colourful Identity for GTA Homes and Businesses

Colourful Trend in Home Design

A new trend in exterior home design is lighting up the neighbourhood! Many home and business owners are installing weatherproof LED strip lighting on roofs and soffits to add colourful detail. Most people think of adding lights to a home’s exterior for Christmas holidays, but there are many opportunities to use LED lighting year-round. Other holidays like Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and Canada Day can be celebrated with LED lights. Neighbourhood get togethers and summer parties are another wonderful opportunity to use weatherproof LED strip lights.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Exterior Use

We all know how frustrating it can be to climb ladders to install tricky corded light systems on eavestroughs only to have one light burn out just as they are plugged in. The benefits of installing weatherproof LED strip lighting provide convenience, but also appeal to the environmentally conscious. LED stands for light emitting diode and is the most efficient type of lighting available. LED lights use less energy than the conventional incandescent bulbs – about 90 per cent less! LEDs also last 2-3 times longer than traditional lights and require little maintenance. An incandescent bulb would typically last 1,000 hours and burn out. LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours and over time will dim – not completely burn out. These attributes make installing year-round strip lighting as a home accent more feasible and economical.

LED Thrives in Cold Temperatures

Canadian winters are harsh and climates vary from coast to coast. Whether its consistent rain, blowing snow and ice, or polar temperatures, it is less than desirable to pull out a ladder and climb a roof to install lighting. Weatherproof LED strip lights in GTA neighbourhoods become perfect choice for both convenience and safety. Once the lights are up – they are up for good and are permanently installed to the roof’s edge. And with the easy-to-use smartphone app, lighting colours and patterns can be changed to reflect holidays, sporting events or simply a favourite colour. This eliminates the need to put yourself in harm’s way for a few weeks of inconsistent lighting over Christmas holidays. Furthermore, the LED lighting itself thrives in cold temperatures and performs better.

Building Striking Brand Recognition

Businesses in the GTA also benefit from installing weatherproof LED strip lights. Different companies find an identity in specific colours they have selected to represent their brand. McDonald’s for example uses the bright yellow of the "golden arches” to call out to weary travellers looking for a quick bite to eat along the highway. The Holiday Inn also uses the bright green and royal blue to identify their hotel brand, separating them from others. These companies often use bright LED lighting to attract customers their way. Smart businesses – hotels, restaurants, retail shops – all can create a visually striking effect by using weatherproof LED strip lighting and stay ahead of the competition.

Think of the CN Tower, dominating the Toronto skyline and visible from all over the city. Each night, it is lit up for all to see and celebrates different events like St. Patrick’s Day (Kelly Green), a Leafs or Raptors win (Blue, Purple) or welcoming visitors from all over the world for international festivals like Pride. Why not have the same excitement and awe created for your neighbourhood with your very own light show? Controlled from your phone and all with the easy and safe installation of weatherproof LED lights!